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Ian and Sons Removal is a professional removal company based in Essex. We offer both house and furniture removals in the Essex area and beyond. We understand how stressful moving house can be. That’s why we aim to make it easier for you by safely loading and unloading your belongings, and if requested we can also offer the disassembling and reassembling of your furniture,
and providing transparent quotes before completing the process.


Our house removal process

We take pride in being a fully comprehensive Essex removals company. The entire house removal
process from start to finish involves the following steps:

Book your house removal

Give us a call or complete the online form, and we’ll provide you with a house removal quote. Although we are an Essex house moving company, we are proud to offer our services across the UK.

Once you accept the quote, we’ll schedule your house removal. Whether you live in a tiny flat or a large property, no job is too big for us.

Prepare for arrival

Before we arrive, you’ll need to pack and label your belongings. As a furniture removals Essex company, we can disassemble your furniture for you and wrap it securely to prevent it from being damaged during transportation.

Ensure you secure a parking space in front of the property in advance of our arrival so that we can immediately begin efficiently loading your belongings. Without a close parking space, it will take us longer to load and cost you more.

Transportation of your belongings

Once all your belongings are loaded, we’ll deliver them to your new property by taking the most efficient route.

Unload belongings

To make the unloading process just as efficient, we ask that you reserve a parking spot at the new property as well. Upon arrival, we will unload your belongings and place them in the appropriate room. We will also reassemble your furniture.

If you’d like assistance unpacking your belongings, we can add this service to your quote.


How much does a house removal cost?

The cost of Essex house removals will depend mainly on how big the property is, how many boxes and furniture pieces you need to be moved, and which services you require.

A large property with many belongings will take more time to move, resulting in a higher cost.

For this reason, we recommend reaching out for a quote and providing us with all relevant information to determine an accurate price.


House removal tips & advice

To make the house removals process as smooth as possible, consider the following helpful tips and tricks:

  • Declutter your home before beginning the packing process.Moving house is an excellent opportunity to purge items you no longer need. Decluttering will make the packing process quicker and also reduce the house removals cost.
  • Wrap furniture in stretch wrap.Wrapping will protect your precious pieces from being scraped, dented, or damaged in any other way.
  • Unpack essentials first.

    Unpacking is a long process. To make the process feel less overwhelming, start with the essentials. From here, tackle one room at a time.

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